apandist belirtileri

Chıldren appendıcıtıs

“Apandis” is a piece of tubular, tail-like intestine located at the tip of the thicket. One side of this tube…

Animated Playing

Chıldren’s Sports and Gamıng

Sports is an activity they do as a part of the game without being aware of the children. The game…



Childcare It is not known what kind of responsibilities a newborn baby will bring to the family. Mothers and daughters…

Down syndrome

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is caused by a chromosomal defect; There are 3 instead of 2 chromosomes. The mental development of the…

children lifedit

Vıolence ın chıldren

Children have witnessed violence in the media since early ages, and the images they see show violence in general positively….

school problems

School Problems

School problems; Poor performance at school, hanging lessons, or reluctance to go to school. If you think your child has…

Fennel Seeds


Features: ♦ Parsley is a spice plant with yellow flowering, fragrant fragrant leaves. ♦ Leaves and fruit are used. ♦…