Allergy Test and Food allergy

Allergy Test – Food allergy

The effectiveness of allergy testing is a very controversial issue. Some people think that these tests are not reliable and are being applied to make more money for people. Some experts have stressed that this thinking is very wrong. Even serious food allergies are becoming clear as a result of the application of several tests. However, it is more difficult to identify the condition called “intolerance of food”, which refers to the intolerance of a person’s food to any food, in tests. Allergy testing is divided into two basic groups:

The so-called “prick” test, known as the skin test, is the most commonly used allergy test. It is a short-term test that does not cause pain or suffering. Allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis), allergic asthma, urticaria (rash or dabaz), food allergy, bee allergy is applied in diseases such as. It is usually made inside the arm. The liquid test material containing the allergen is dripped. A small scratch is formed in the deepest deep layer to allow the allergen to leak to the surface and to be associated with the “allergy cells” therein. This practice is done with sterile and disposable tip sharp materials called “scalpels”. After the test is applied, wait 10-15 minutes; Then the skin responses obtained are evaluated.

The “RAST allergy test”, which is called the radioallergosorbent, is used to determine the amount of IgE antibody that is a specific species. To do the RAST test, you need to send a special laboratory blood sample. A small number of allergenic substances can be tested during a test. This test is for children who are sensitive to skin test and those who have health problems such as eczema on the skin.

Allergy Test  Food allergy
Allergy Test – Food allergy

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