Benefıts of Whole

Benefıts of Whole Graın Products

Foods such as wheat, rice corn, rye, oats not left in the shell are called whole grains. The benefits of whole grain products do not end with count: they fight against cancer, they do not get fat, they prevent fluctuations in blood sugar, they prevent constipation …

What should we prefer bread?

I bought a bread machine to make bread at home. Which flour do you recommend? NERJVÜN AKÇURA
REPLY; I prefer fam grain flour. Diagnosis is cereal; Wheat, rice, corn, rye, oats, such as the grain of the grain and the essence of the kernel is not separated. Generally, the cereals are subjected to various processes and are converted from brown to white. White flour, like white rice. Grain processing reduces nutritional value. Because the contents of vitamins, minerals and fibers are lost in important order. The benefits of whole grain products are as follows:
• Because full grain products contain a higher proportion of pulp than processed grain products
Saturate For this reason, prevent weight gain by preventing cancer from developing due to obesity.
• Antioxidant substances in whole grains form a shield against various types of cancer. Whole grain products have a protective effect against cancer types such as throat, food borne, pancreatic, breast, bladder ovarian, prostate and kidney cancer. The high amount of pulp contained in whole grains prevents colon cancer.
• Whole grains reduce the body’s insulin requirement and reduce the risk of diabetes.
• White bread is not good for whole-grain bread in terms of nutrient content. Whole grain bread
Rich in pulp, vitamin E, selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins.
When producing white bread, loss of pulp occurs. Posa protects against colon and breast cancer. It lowers bad cholesterol. Reduce the risk of problems such as hemorrhoids. White bread quickly increases blood sugar. This soon leads to the development of a feeling of hunger and the need to eat again. For this reason, prefer bread made from whole grain.

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