apandist belirtileri

Chıldren appendıcıtıs

“Apandis” is a piece of tubular, tail-like intestine located at the tip of the thicket. One side of this tube is closed, the other side is tied to a thick wall. The length can be 10 cm, diameter about 1 cm. The appendix is now called “appendicitis” (inflammation of the appendix) for inflammation of unexplained causes. Appendicitis usually starts with widespread “abdominal pain”. Children with such pain must be shown to the doctor.

Although the causes of appendicitis have not yet been fully elucidated, experts have argued that the nutritional regime that is rich in modern-day refined and processed foods may lead to appendicitis blockage due to the low vegetable fiber content, and also that fruit nuclei and accidentally ingested foreign substances can cause appendix clogging (And therefore inflammation). “COMFORTABLE” APPENDICITIS: Some experts argue that they can have spontaneous appendicitis attacks, each of which lasts for one or two days. The following is the theory: appendicitis, inflammation; The intestines nearby immediately surround their surroundings to surround the flame. If the inflammation is cleared spontaneously, the intestines will still stick around. As a result, normal movements of nutrients in the digestive system can be restricted; Which may lead to colic (torsion) -like pain in the appendix during normal digestion. These “annoying” aches and pains can be passed on by itself. But the truth is, if there are such complaints in your abdominal area, you should consult a doctor. CONCLUSIONS: Intravenous (acute) appendicitis is always an emergency surgical intervention. Early symptoms are difficult to distinguish from abdominal pain caused by any other reason. But usually, the aches are in the form of colic and the navel is felt around the pit. Symptoms will change after 6-12 hours, as inflammation is now well established around the appendix. Your child will both have more pain and the most painful place will change, often the child will have to press on his / her belly to show the most painful place: the place where most children put their hands on a line drawn between the umbilicus and the right hip. Also, your child will feel worse and worse as the infection progresses. In addition, one of the important symptoms is the contraction of the muscles of the right foot in most of the sick children. So, to relieve the pain, the child pulls the leg out into the stomach; Pulling your leg, trying to lengthen, causes pain again. DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis of appendicitis in children is particularly difficult; Because in children there is no typical indication of appendicitis; Genetically, there is an indication of a chest inflammation. In this case, the child may have other symptoms, such as sore throat, or even cough. Even if your child has a definite indication of a chest disorder, it is of great importance to diagnose him whether or not he complains to the doctor about his abdominal pain. WHEN SHOULD YOU DO THE PHYSICIAN GO? If the pain lasts all day or all night, if it gets worse, or if the child feels very bad and does not get up from bed, it is time to apply to the doctor and

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