Excessıve menstrual bleeds

Excessive menstrual bleeding is a menstrual period that causes more blood loss than normal and lasts longer than 7 days. These menstrual periods are widespread in newly arrived young girls and men who are about to enter menopause.

Excessive menstrual bleeding can also be caused by a painful history, pelvic inflammatory disease, spiral instrument (IUD), or endometriosis. If the end of the turn is intense, this may be a sign of a dream,

In some women, intense periods arise from egg laying, and the level of the progesterone hormone is too low to regulate the bleeding of the uterine membrane, resulting in long and unpredictable periods of menstruation.

If you think you might have a miscarriage, contact your doctor. In this case, the doctor may need to dilate and abort in order to remove the remaining tissue. If you are going through more than one intensive period, it is beneficial to see your doctor.

In such a case, the doctor may need to perform a pelvic examination and perform hysteroscopy to examine the pelvic ultrasound, endometrial biopsy, or the source of the excess bleeding.
Treatment depends on the underlying condition of this condition. Removal of spirals can help with bleeding and soreness. To prevent anemia due to iron deficiency, iron supplementation is often recommended in women with excessive bleeding.

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