Exercıse cellulıte!

Exercıse for cellulıte!

Exercise for cellulite!

cellulite naturally
Exercıse for cellulıte!

Many experts on cellulite agree that the cheapest way to block cellulite formation or remove cellulite in the early stages is to exercise. Exercises to be done with a reduced diet are very beneficial for cellulite. Exercises to strengthen the circulatory system, which will be administered 3 times a week for 30 minutes, are done for this purpose. Exercise will accelerate the lymphatic flow through the circulation and muscle movements in the cellulite areas and will also give the muscles tension.

For young women, light weight workouts are recommended.
It is particularly beneficial in exercises that exercise muscles in the hip and basal regions that are formed by cellulitis.

For these exercises, the person lies side by side on the right side.
Curl your right leg 90 degrees.
He stretches his right arm forward and stretches well.
The left leg is straight.
Breathing is done slowly while the left leg is lifted to the hip level.
When the left leg reaches the hip level, hold for 3 seconds and slowly lower and breathe deeply.
Breath control is very important during these exercises.
This movement should be repeated 3-4 times. Then, lying on the other side, the other side muscles are exercised in the same exercise.
After this movement is finished, the upper leg is bent at the lower leg, and the same operations are repeated.

Exercıse for cellulıt

The last movement is made by twisting 45 degrees on the knee in both legs.
The appearance of cellulitis on the knees is evident because the muscles on the front of the lower leg area lose their tension. While strengthening these muscles with the aim of standing, the feet open at the hip width and break down your knees to lower your body, reach down to the angle where your knees are forced and then stand up again.

It is useful to repeat this movement 30 times. It is a simple exercise that can be practiced every day.

Floating writhing increases the tension of the muscles in the limb’s inner zone and creates a good exercise for cellulite.

A 20 minute walks on a fast paced walk is generally useful for hip and leg areas. 3-4 times a week should be done.
Rising at the tips of the fingers and allowing the wrists to be thinner and more muscular. Movement should be repeated 15-25 times every day

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