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♦ Garlic is a plant that grows in the gardens and on the fields.
♦ The head part of this plant, the gear part is both used as a spice.
♦ It has also been used in medicine.
♦ Bad smell. Hadisi In the sheriffs, onion and garlic are said to be “malicious”. As evil is said to haram and filthy things, the things with bad taste and smell are also called as malignant. These are onions, garlic and prasa. Indeed, the Prophet Aleyhisar said, “Whoever comes to our mosque until he smells of the foul smell, and the smell of his mouth is gone!”
♦ Sahabeden Bishr (R.A.) said that Abu Saidil Hudrî; When the prophet Aleyhis Selam said that he forbade the onion, garlic, and gargling, we asked, “Are they forbidden?”
* “No, it is not forbidden, but the Prophet Aleyhis Salam forbade him to be defeated because of his bad smell.”
* The garbage is temperamental and dry. It gives the body a strong degree of temperature and is extremely dry. It is very useful for patients with cold and sputum mood swings and patients who have become paralyzed.
* Meniyi desiccant, unblocking; Solids in solids, digestive facilitator, thirst quencher, intestinal mover, urine extractor.
* It is used as an antidote against all swellings from insects to insects.
* If the garlic is pounded and putty is put on the places where the snake and acrebin are inserted like ointment; It is very useful, it attracts poison and warms your body.
* Garlic cuts mucus, dissolves flecks, lubricates the throat and protects the health of many organs. Cautious coughing is beneficial to water changes due to travel.

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