How are we weaks

How are we weak?

Question: I have 10 pounds more. I want to weaken before entering summer. What are your recommendations for weight loss? SEVIL T.

ANSWER: Avoid weight loss in a short time. Quickly lost and retrieved kilograms are inviting many diseases such as cancer, heart, and sugar by upsetting the immune system. Taking a quick weight also disrupts your mental health. Trying to weaken does not mean bad nutrition. It is possible to lose weight by eating healthy. My Proposals are:

* Choose natural foods, choose non-refined foods.
* Avoid canned foods as much as possible.
* Get enough of all kinds of food.
* Eat food from 4 main food groups every day.
1) Meat group: We will meet the needs of this group with 3 medium sized meatballs or equivalent meat, fish, chicken, 4-5 spoonfuls during the day.
2) Milk group: Milk, yoghurt, ayran, cacık, such as 2-3 cups of food every day is enough to consume.
3) Fruit and vegetables group: We must consume 5-7 servings each day.
4) Bread cereal group: Cake bulgur, rice, floury foods, tarhana, biscuits and flour are in this group. The grain group consumes 5-10 servings daily, which meets my daily needs.
Za * Avoid foods such as sugary foods, spicy foods, fried foods, salami, sausages, sausages.
* Do not consume alcohol in excessive amounts. Both increase the risk of cancer and lead to excess weight because they contain high calories.
* Instead of white bread, whole wheat bread, white rice instead of brown rice or bulguru prefer.
* Avoid butter, tallow, tail oil, milk, cream, cream. Prefer vegetable oils such as olive oil, hazelnut oil, canola, sunflower.
* Limit red meat to 1 time per week. Other days prefer fish, turkey and chicken.
* Do not skip meals.
* For 2-3 liters of water in the day.
* Avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee and cola.
* Try to eat prunes, almonds, walnuts or yogurt instead of chips, biscuits, chocolates or sugar between meals.
* Exercise absolutely. Walk outdoors every day for half an hour.
* Bite your locals thoroughly.
* Do not eat while reading television or books or newspapers.

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