How to lose diet

How to lose weıght?

Nowadays, it is observed that there are more people who are suffering from overweight problems as well as people who do not gain weight. Some people say “I get weight if I drink water,” and some people can not gain weight if they eat too much food. Of course, first of all physician-controlled biologic investigations should be done and the problem identified.

Experts; They point out that the reasons for weakness should be determined in the first place. The cause may be hormonal. In this case, hormone therapy may be generally sufficient. If there are problems such as parasites or parasites in the pubs, drug treatment must be applied. After these treatments the person will start to gain weight automatically.

Apart from these, if there is a problem with the eating habits, it is absolutely necessary to rearrange the eating habits. However, when weight is taken, this will cause fat accumulation. For this reason it is also possible to lower the oiling to a minimum level with well-regulated feeding habits.

For the weak, nutrition is also prepared in the form of a table, the hot or cold of your meal, and the lunch list at the table is very important.

At the beginning, appropriate treatment is applied by adding + 1000 calories energy considering the daily energy consumed by the person. By determining the eating habits, meals are increased specifically for the person. In addition to the main meals, three meals are required. At intermediate meals, it is necessary to give a high calorie weight.

One can give weight to carbohydrate feeding to provide energy boost. Excess consumption of fatty foods may cause nausea, so the oils should be kept in balance. In the same way, proteins must be kept in balance. At high protein intake levels some amino acids can cause appetite with increased serotonin.

In particular, the richness of the vitamin and mineral content should be emphasized in the diet to be applied. Vitamins B group of intensive intake of vitamins and appetite increase is important because it is seen.

As a result, those who want to gain weight in their diet should reduce the portion of the nutrition high nutritional should adopt.

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