damage from high blood pressure
damage from high blood pressure

The heart has to move a large amount of blood in the veins to feed the body and to throw the trash out of the body. The pressure that blood in the arteries has made on the vein wall we measure by wrapping a cuff around the arm and making it a monometer.

At any age, the normal blood flow is fourteen; That is, the mercury column of 14 centimeters in length. This is the biggest thrust. There is also the least pressure, which should not exceed nine. The difference between the minimum and maximum must be at least half of the pressure. For example: If the minimum pressure is eight, the maximum pressure must be 12, since the eight is half four. The most important thing is the minimum pressure. Because this pressure is exciting, it does not change much with sleep, the blood is escaping from the large veins into the tissues, and the heart is present before the heart starts to throw blood into the veins. Here is the essence of the blood pressure of the criminal, 14, if it exceeds 9, it is said that there is high blood pressure. Some researchers claim that the person shows differences according to age, gense, paint, weight, and that the blood pressure of a person aged 60 years old can not be the same as that of a 30 year-old. The normal limit accepted by the American Heart Association is 14/9.

Blood pressure is measured by blood pressure. Be very calm when making measurements, be on the same level as the arm, heart, and council, if the arm is not too beak. The sleeve is wrapped around the sleeve and the sleeve is puffed with air. At the bottom of the cuff is placed the listening instrument on the same artery, and the voices are heard. If the pressure in the cuff is higher than the blood pressure in the artery, no sound is heard, because the blood does not pass through the Hamar. Now the tap in the cuff is slowly opening in the bava. So that the pressure is reduced. At some point the blood from the vine begins to pass and the ear ‘. There comes a fifa sound, which is the first sound that is heard, the pressure is high, it shows the blood pressure. If the air in the set is more emptied, the sound disappears completely in one spot, this is the minimum pressure in the pressure.

The first pressure is high in some men; It is found further down the second measurement. However, no one’s blood pressure is fixed at one point. Eating food, excitement, movement changes blood pressure. A blind doctor finds blood pressure 15 and the other 13. The patient also doubts whether he or she is in misdemeanor or misdemeanor. However, the blame is not in itself, it is in the play of the nerves. There is always a relationship between the height of the tension and the severity of the disease. A blood pressure of 18 is more dangerous than a blood pressure of 22. The important thing is the condition of the heart and veins. Nice people have heart and veins because they are so strong that 30 years without feeling too much blood pressure will lead a normal life for years.

In Your Mind

It is now widely known that cigarette smoking causes a lot of illnesses from high temp to cancer. If you do not want to quit smoking, even force yourself to drink less.
■ Remember that being in the ideal kiln is a preventive factor for hypertension.
■ Contrary to popular belief, 2-3 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of hypertension in a glass of wine.
■ Leave the immobile lifestyle. Half an hour hiking or cycling a day will suffice.
■ Stay away from salt. Reduce high-salt foods such as ketchup, cheese, and beans.
■ Measure your blood pressure regularly from age 40 onwards.

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