Meanıng and ımportance of yoga

Meaning of Yoga;

The word yoga means “attachment” or “unity” in the Sanskrit language, and indicates the mystical relationship between the yogi and the superior being. This mystical relationship can only be established after the soul is fully sovereign to the body and ready for self-superior man. The physical exercises practiced in Yoga are sometimes too difficult and complex to require great skill.

Meanıng and ımportance of yoga

It is mastered in complex breathing exercises and different seating styles for the time of self-passing (samadhi). In the meantime, in short, from the holy “Om” hecesini (mantra) repeats. While the gaze concentrates at a point like the nose, the ears are directed to special voices. The yogi that reaches Samadhi blocks the sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch senses to the outside world; He does not recognize himself and others. His spirit does not sleep, but he is not awake. It has overcome all kinds of reminiscences and forgetting. The person who gains access to this spiritual condition is deemed to have suffered spiritual salvation.

The importance of yoga;

Yoga is not just an application that many of you would like to keep in form, but it is a method, even a lifestyle, that balances the person from every angle. The way of thinking of the person who does yoga changes, he starts to perceive his own body differently.

Yoga has a consciousness of its own state with its body movements; Consciously fed and chooses more clearly, considering his physical activities. Regular yoga provides many physical benefits. In yoga practice, there is a decrease in cholesterol level in the heart and pulse, improvement in hormone production and menstrual cycle, decrease in joint pain, general mental-physical relaxation. In addition, yoga practitioners can increase their taste and desire for life, making it easier to cope with various problems. With perfect physical and spiritual balance in the body, yoga can create positive developments in personality.

Yoga helps people stay in tune with themselves and their surroundings in today’s stressful life. The widespread prevalence in Western societies where traditional values are shaken can also be attributed to people being in such a quest. However, there are a variety of factors that prevent it from being experienced literally.

Even when the Yoga Teacher can not be combined with the moral and spiritual values, various forms of seating (asana) and respiratory control (pranayama) have significant benefits.

The physical and spiritual dimension of yoga experience relieves the tension of the person through respiratory exercises. Human beings are able to stay in touch with themselves and listen to oneself, as well as to overcome obstacles in front of personal creativity. what is yoga

One of the most important sacred texts of Hindu religion, and part of a great Indian epic, Bhagavad-gita (Song of God)

“Let your body be dominated by yoga, a refuge for your soul; Control your emotions, excitement and brain; Desire, fear and ambiguity, freeing the empty effects of it, getting the light and freedom. “

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