Onıons food


♦ Both the green leaves of the onion and the head are used as foodstuffs, but they are bad smells. Hadisi In the sheriffs, onion and garlic are called “malignant”. Because the haram and the filthy things are called “malignant”, the things with bad taste and smell are called “malignant”. Onions, garlic and leeks are these. Indeed, the Prophet Aleyhis
♦ “Whoever comes to our mosque until he smells of the bad smell, and the smell of his mouth is gone!”
♦ Hz. Omer (R.A.), in a long sermon
♦ “O people! You guys eat these two smelly vegetables (onions and garlic) today! But I, in the time of the Prophet Aleyhisalam, were held in the hands of anyone who heard their smell in his mouth;
1 I saw you were taken out of the city until Bakī. Whoever feeds them will cook and smell it! ”
* The onion of the onion is hot and humid.
* The onion is useful against the water change during the journey. It removes the smell of poisonous substances. It opens the appetite, strengthens the pussy, stimulates sexual desire and desire. It boosts the menstrual, it makes the skin beautiful, cuts off mucus and cleans the midi.
* Onion seed removes aloe disease on the skin.
* If the onion seeds are thoroughly rubbed around with the sickle disease, it really helps.
* Onion seeds are mixed with salt, salt and dried on warts, warts are eliminated.
* When someone smokes a laxative, when they smell onions, they vomit and prevent bulimia on the side and fix the smell of the medicine.
* When the onion water is pulled out, it cleans the nasal mass.
* Onion water is dripped against heavy hearing, ear tinnitus, ear infections and ear accumulation.
* When the onion water is pulled like a rush, it is beneficial against the sinking water (collected in the eye).
* Onion seeds are mixed with honey and honey and putty is made and the eye is drawn like a rubbing for the white curtain disease.
* The value of cooked onion is higher. The onion cooked for sickness, cough, shortness of breath diseases is very useful. Increase the urge, soften the body.
* If your non-rabid dog has bitten the onion water, salt and pomegranate paste with make put, it is very useful.
* Onions; When he is constantly defeated, he opens the mouths of the hairs.
* If onion is eaten with meat, it removes the influence of meat oil. Indeed, Hz. Muâviye also brought him a banquet, which he gave a delegation to the occasion, and brought onions to the table.
* “You eat socially! Because if someone is onion in a strange place, the rate does not harm water. ”
Raw onion makes half a headache. It gives weight, bloating and gas. The eye is dark. Much defeat brings forgetfulness to the pitch, changes the odor, bad smell afflicts friends and guardian angels.
* Cooking defeats some of these damages. Indeed, the Prophet Aleyhis Salaam.

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