daisy herbal


Features: ♦ A white, middle-yellow plant whose petals bloom in spring during compounding. ♦ The temperament is warm and dry….

child behavior

Behavıoral and Emotıonal Dısorders

The mystery of the mind is accepted by many as the last limit of medicine. Recent scientific progresses, such as…



Features: ♦ Garlic is a plant that grows in the gardens and on the fields. ♦ The head part of…

Onıons food


Features: ♦ Both the green leaves of the onion and the head are used as foodstuffs, but they are bad…

Benefıts of Whole

Benefıts of Whole Graın Products

Foods such as wheat, rice corn, rye, oats not left in the shell are called whole grains. The benefits of…


Intellıgence test ın chıldren

Intelligence test in children The intelligence tests vary according to age to determine the comprehension and creativity of the person…



Features: ♦ The name given to a small plant that grows in hot spots and a small, yellowish seed of…

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Healthy AttenuatIon

To weaken healthily, you can apply the 10 golden rules we have mentioned below. Rule 1 • The first job…