Pelvıc, Vagınal and Breast Ultrasound

Pelvic, Vaginal and Breast Ultrasoundultrasound_terese-winslow

Ultrasound is a painless imaging procedure used to image the internal reproductive organs and breast tissue. For a pelvic or breast ultrasound technician applies a cold, transparent gel on the skin and then scrolls a device called a transducer on the examined area.

The transducer sends sound waves that allow the computer inside the ultrasound machine to create an image of the body and take reflections of the sound waves.

To make a vaginal ultrasound, a rod-shaped transducer (slightly wider than a cap with a high diameter suction capacity) is inserted into the vagina to obtain a detailed view of the uterus and ovaries.

Mushrooms and Trikomonas (Foul-smelling dark current) Test
A vaginal infection with foamy (fungal infection) or trichomoniasis (parasitic infection) can be confirmed by examining the vaginal fluid under a microscope.

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