Sleep Dısorders ın Chıldren

Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep Chıldren
Sleep Dısorders ın Chıldren

We have already seen how sleepy a child has a great prescription for children. However, when we consider the problems that some children are having with sleep, it is also understood that we should have more knowledge about sleeping. Some children are not able to sleep regularly and therefore are deprived of the benefits that sleep provides. In this section we will focus on sleep disorders and examine the natural health treatments we can apply to sleep disorders. Regardless of the cause of your child’s insomnia, the most basic things you need to do are always the same: to put your sleeping hours in order, to be calm and stable, to create an environment in which your child can fall asleep comfortably,

You can come from above the Sleeping Disorder!

Your child may feel uneasy and tired of sleeping, feeling stressed and tired of falling asleep after a long journey, may want to take more time to sleep at night, getting up too late in the morning and having a habit of sleeping too late. In such cases, sleep times are usually required to be monitored regularly, but in some cases natural health treatments can be used.

Natural health treatments:

* The soothing and soothing properties of the enamel plant bring sleepiness to children who do not want to sleep.
* Lemon leaves make it easier for children who are nervous and sensitive to fall into sleep.
* The plant is known as the “motherwort” and can be used for babies and children who can not sleep because of fear.
* For babies that weep and do not fall asleep, chamomile tea can be used.
* Wash your baby / child in this water by adding a mixture of chamomile, lavender, hops and lemon to the tub water.
* Mix the honey with the honey and thoroughly crush the cat and mix it with your child. Especially on days when your child is stressed, you will find that you are more comfortable sleeping with this mixture.
* Identify the reasons underlying your child’s sleep problem and apply homeopathic treatments appropriate to your homeopathy specialist. Remember homeopathy treatments should be spread over a long period of time. You can use treatments applied in the homeopathy field 1 hour before your child sleeps. These treatments may need to be continued for 14 days. You may need to repeat these treatments if your child falls off nights and does not fall asleep again:

• Fence roots and bitter cucumbers can be used for children who are constantly crying.
• The item called “Rhus Tox.” Is suitable for children who can not sleep, want to constantly navigate, and who are uncomfortable.
• A homeopathic substance called “aurum”, which means gold, can be used for children who have dreams about death and bad school memories. When such children wake up, they feel unhappy and exhausted.
• Quail grass is used to relieve sleep problems caused by a living shock. It is also appropriate to use quail for sleep problems caused by uneasiness, nightmares and fear of death.
• Feeling of thirst and sensitivity due to excessive fear can be eliminated by the substance identified as “phosphorus” in the field of homeopathy.
• Wind gruel can be used for children who are crying.
• Daisy can be used in sleep disorders caused by reasons such as tooth extraction. You can also drink chamomile tea for children who want to keep standing up to sleep.
• For children who have difficulty sleeping after a very intense and tiring day, “Nux vom.” Can be used.
• You can try a coffee plant if your child’s mind is busy with any event and can not get their attention in another area.
■ Some energizing foods such as bananas and cucumbers can cause abdominal pain or digestive problems. Avoid consumption of these foods before sleeping.
■ A glass of warm goat’s milk gives your child sleep without causing any digestive problems.
■ Age-appropriate children may chew pastries containing zinc before sleeping. These pastilles help children sleep more comfortably.
■ Flower essences are quite effective for a beautiful and deep sleep. Ask your flower therapist to find out which flowers can be used together:
• White chestnuts are suitable for children whose minds are complex.
• An irritated baby or child can be calm with Bach flower essences.
• The dust tree is suitable for children who are afraid of darkness.
• Walnut can be used for children experiencing adjustment problems due to changes such as a new school or a new home.
• Musk is effective on children and infants who experience extreme fear or tension.
• You can mix your child’s oil bath with dairies, chamomile, rose and lavender oil. In this way you will see your child calm down and relax.

■ If you put a few drops of lavender oil on your bedspread near the bed or pillow, you can observe that it is easier to fall asleep.
■ You will see that the vapor of lavender and chamomile oil that you put in a glass tube provides the same effect.
■ You will sleep with lavender and chamomile oil before sleeping, and your massage will help your child sleep comfortably. In this way you will see your child feel more calm and peaceful.
Useful therapies
Cranial osteopathy, flower essences, food therapies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbalism, music therapy, Ayurveda, massage, reflexology (especially when there is an emotional situation affecting your child’s sleeping pattern).
Almost all natural health therapies enable people to feel relaxed and calm. Comfort and inner peace are the most important factors that will make your child sleep. For this reason, you can apply to beneficial therapies.

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