Childcare It is not known what kind of responsibilities a newborn baby will bring to the family. Mothers and daughters…

children lifedit

Vıolence ın chıldren

Children have witnessed violence in the media since early ages, and the images they see show violence in general positively….

school problems

School Problems

School problems; Poor performance at school, hanging lessons, or reluctance to go to school. If you think your child has…

vitamins and minerals

Vıtamıns and Mınerals

Vitamins are essential organic substances for healthy body work. Vitamins D that are produced in certain amounts in the body…


Intellıgence test ın chıldren

Intelligence test in children The intelligence tests vary according to age to determine the comprehension and creativity of the person…

kids cancer losemi

leukemıa chıld

Leukemia is a malignant blood disease that appears as uncontrolled and abnormal proliferation of the nearby white blood cells. It…

Trauma ın chıld

Trauma ın chıldren

Trauma is a condition that occurs due to emotional problems, physical negativities, accidents and injuries. Emotional trauma is a reaction…

child sleep

How long wıll my chıld sleep?

How long will my child sleep? The need for sleep varies from child to adult, from adult to adult. However,…


Sleep Dısorders ın Chıldren

Sleep Disorders in Children We have already seen how sleepy a child has a great prescription for children. However, when…