Weakenıng Nutrıtıon

Weakenıng Nutrıtıon

Body weight basically determines the amount of calories consumed with foods and consumed by physical activities. The inability to consume as much as the capacity of the Acantha calorie increases the body weight in such a way that it can be dangerous for health. This situation, which is described as obesity, can be corrected especially by the restriction of food intake.

The debilitating diet known as regimen is the main form of treatment administered in obesity. There are two main points that determine this treatment. One of these is that the fat person will eat the hungry and eat and drink in a way that will cut off the appetite, the other is that the consumed nutrients will not weaken the balanced nutrition while weakening the consumed. In summary, the nutrition program needs to be regulated in terms of quantity and quality so as not to have a negative effect on the health of the fat person.

In order to solve these basic problems, it is necessary to know which foods the calorie values of the foods, and especially the calories, are taken. There are few commonalities between calories from sugar, fat and alcohol, and from calories from protein and fiber.

The 100 calories you give your bread and the 100 calories it provides for olive, meat, and green vegetables will vary in the body. Their processes of transformation into fatty tissue are also not the same. When sugars, flour, fatty substances and alcohol are taken in excess, they are converted into triglycerides. In contrast, protein, the main ingredient of meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and cheese, is used as a limited source of energy. Even when they are very taken, they are very rare in fat tissue.

Cellulose, the main component of green vegetables, does not undergo any transformation in the human body. But there is a much more important function in nutrition than creating taste. Although it can not be absorbed from the intestines, it plays an important role in the formation of stools, the work of the intestines and the removal of digestive debris.

In the light of this general information, the main lines of the attenuating nutrition program can be determined:

• Taking plenty of protein and fiber foods.

• Absolutely avoid alcohol.

• Significant reduction of sugar and fat.

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